On the verge of my 63rd birthday I have sent 450 new blues CD's to my publicist for mailing to radio stations and media around the world. I did it not because I need fame or fortune but because I believe in what I do and I need to share it with others. It seems that other cultures are more interested in the arts than we are here in the US.

If it's not heavily computer simulated and laced with special effects, most of our young don't care. If it's not over produced pop or hip hop that the commercial machine feeds them, they have no interest. However, in Europe and Asia where the people don't have large discretionary incomes, they relish art of all types.

I did several mini concerts in those cultures and they were riveted every time I played. They sat and listened, they indulged in my art and shared their feelings about it with me.

Why can't the US grow up in art? Why does our culture bath in McDonalds-like non-music, while artists struggle to survive? It's not complaining on my part. I've lived this all my life. It pushed me into the family business. I know it's real.

When think of the lush artistic culture we could have not dictated by accountants and A&R men slaving to satisfy the greed of super wealthy board members.

I'm a capitalist, a conservative and I believe in the free market. I just don't understand why the mass can't get art, why they miss a whole lifetime of joy in the individual artist.

Box wine for all!!!!

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