Life is flat out tough. Everyone has tremendous conflict in their lives. No one gets out alive, no one escapes trauma. Some lead agoraphobic lives trying to shelter themselves from anxiety but boredom and depression become unwanted friends in anxieties absence.

To me, art, along with a strong belief and trust in God, is a saving grace, a breath of air in our many times stifling lives. It's a way to say to all our difficulties, "I don't care, you can't bring me down". Prometheus rips his chains out of the rock and says "I will be happy no matter what happens". 

In the worst of situations, art in music, painting, sculpture, drama, writing and so many other forms, is our freedom from pain. Nothing can stop art. Not wars, not poverty, not disease, not oppression.

The tragedy is that so many people live lives that are artistic deserts, ignoring free museums and concerts where artists and live bands are dying to share with you and lighten your load, give you freedom from all the problems in life.

If life is too much of the samo samo, get out and commune with the artists. We're waiting for you.

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