Most of us have had to change jobs several times. It definitely changes you in more ways than one. If the change is unexpected, the results are usually painful. If planned the results can be good but there are still some unsuspected surprises waiting. Isn't that why we fear change, because we've seen the gremlins at some point in life.

As a child, I popped an ulcer when several people in the family died and others got sick with permanent ailments. We also moved and the kids in the new neighborhood weren't exactly boyscouts. Top it off with puberty and we have the quintessential stress sandwich. Kids stress out too.

Now the stress of changing careers to fulltime guitar just weighed in on me with a nice little gastritis that Lynette Nied NP caught for me before it became a full blown ulcer. Have to quit drinking for a while. fooie.

Hopefully a little prilosec and some common sense eating will help. Can't eat late at night after gigs pals. Food doesn't digest well then. Hopefully everything calms down quick and if my students and gigs would behave, I can get back to imbibing God's gift to us all - wine.

So the message is that I didn't expect fulltime guitar to affect my stomach. Make sure your changes aren't wearing on your un-expected parts.

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