Today festivals and community events featuring music have become a joke. Promoters claim great music shows and what they are giving the public is regurgitated redo's from great old bands of the past. It's like going to a Civil War re-enactment and thinking you're seeing the real thing. How exciting.

I don't begrudge the musicians that have been forced to work in tribute and cover bands because they're just trying to survive and the promoters who are just trying to sell beer, who don't give a care about music or art or culture, want these mutated musical imitations to attract the largest crowds possible.

What has happened because of this is that Indy bands (independent, original bands) get squeezed out of important festival venues and often are forced to dis-band because of a total lack of opportunity.

I know this is "life in the big city", but I can't stand it, I have to stand it and I'll fight it and that's where I need you alls.

Can you get off your butts and go out 3-4x a year and see a real band that plays originals? Can you listen to something new every so often? The music you love came from this very source - Indy bands.

The Beatles were an indy band once. Somebody listened.

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