This has been a long time coming. I was stuck in the family business since childhood and now I'm a free man, a free guitarist. I did it to myself because of my anxiety. I took shelter and paid the price for the refuge. Raised two children and kept a family together while helping my Dad build his business, but now that's done.

It's very different being a full time musician and in your own adventure. It still has the same pains as working on someone else's dream but at least their your own pains and you know who to see about solving them - you. Now instead of the greedy contractors I had to sell everyday, I've got the "wonderful" bar owners. I try to stay with the good ones but you can't help running into the painful ones. Now I deal with a commercial world that consumes hip hop in the billions of dollars with no regard for what most musicians call art. Trade one devil for another. But this is the devil I want to wrestle with.

Then there's the musicians. My guys are all pretty cool, but it's still dealing with co-workers and musicians/artists can be very sensitive, fickle, un-business-like and close minded. When you involve art, it's not like business people who need to get things done, sometimes the artist will dance around you when you need answers on projects.

So the point is that I knew that music was going to be just as difficult as my old day gig but now I sell me not things that others make. I can speak for my product. I can own my music and share it with you when you like. I can fix it when it needs fixing. It's up to me and me alone.

That's what I'm talking about.

Have you traded old devils for new ones? How scary is that? I couldn't take it anymore. I had to move. Are you trapped in someone else's dream? Think about the freedom but be prepared, over prepared. Will you wait until you're 62? That's what I had to do.

Once you go, don't go back. What others have done, you can do. Fail until you succeed. Make it work.


Brave New World

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