I just got back from Memphis competing in an international blues event. I had a problem which has to do with the "entertainment" aspect of a "show" vs the musical content. 

It really seemed that blues is being pushed into so much more of a rock and roll style show rather than the classy, musical experience it's always been. Have you ever seen Clapton, or BB cavorting on stage? Even Joe Bonamassa who move around a lot on stage, still maintains more of a musician's composure and is much more interested in musical content rather than clowning with the audience.

I really want the audience involved and I deliver high energy and movement, but I thought the event in Memphis missed the point and was pushing the silly side of rock and roll showmanship. 

I'm struggling with how to build a following and still keep the music at a high level. Over the next few weeks we're going to be brain storming and doing focus groups to add sensible elements to our act that involve the audience and provide entertainment that features the music and audience involvement. 

I know we're there for the everybody. The crowd and the band together. I'm just searching for reasonable ways everybody can have a wonderful time and still keep the music at a high level. 

I invite all suggestions. 



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