A great bass player, friend and helper.

In the worst of situations, art in music, painting, sculpture, drama, writing and so many other forms, is our freedom from pain. Nothing can stop art. Not wars, not poverty, not disease, not oppression.

I'm struggling with how to build a following and still keep the music at a high level.

What has happened because of this is that Indy bands (independent, original bands) get squeezed out of important festival venues and often are forced to dis-band because of a total lack of opportunity.

I'm a capitalist, a conservative and I believe in the free market. I just don't understand why the mass can't get art, why they miss a whole lifetime of joy in the individual artist.

The same catharsis, the same honesty, the same realism but with new compositions telling today's stories, healing today's pain and troubles.

I didn't expect fulltime guitar to affect my stomach

I was stuck in the family business since childhood and now I'm a free man, a free guitarist. I did it to myself because of my anxiety. I took shelter and paid the price for the refuge. Raised two children and kept a family together while helping my Dad build his business, but now that's done.

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  • 11/01/2019
    Mustard Seed Market - Akron, OH

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